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Our family used to do magic. Years before I was born, our family knew hundreds of spells and used them a dozen times each day. It was easier for them than sweeping dirt from the kitchen floor. Now we only have three spells left.

Become Mechanical: Our most prized spell, one that can turn you into a machine that never tires and accomplishes everything without fail.

Become Dirt: The most useless spell. Becoming dirt can protect you, though, because no one cares about dirt and no one tries to hurt it.

Become Fear: The forbidden spell. You can defeat all terror and pain by becoming the source of Fear itself. It's forbidden because it's impossible to return to being human when you use it. This is the spell my little brother used today.

Become Dirt is a PSX-style 2.5D exploration horror game developed as part of the 2022 TGD Spooky Jam! A young girl arrives home one day to find her home strangely quiet and her brother is unresponsive when she calls his name. Perhaps, she thinks, he's down in their hideout in the crawl space. Perhaps, she considers, he's hiding from their mother and grandmother. Perhaps, she realizes too late, he may have used the family's forbidden spell... and now he has no way to break it on his own.

About this Version

This game represents a concept for a narrative-driven exploration horror adventure about discovering a family's dysfunctions, history, and finding a way to survive in horrifying conditions.

This version is a brief proof-of-concept that contains examples of the game's story, exploration, aesthetic, and some limited features. The game will end when you click the small hatch/door to the basement in the floor of the siblings' room. While this is a short experience, we hope that you find it interesting - we'd love to complete this and fully implement all of our ideas someday, but for now please enjoy this brief teaser and thank you for playing!


WASD - Move
E - Interact / Advance Dialogue
Left CTRL - Crouch

Development by Team Fear Queers

Programming: Parsely, Piper
Music: Anonymous
Sound Effects: Anonymous & Runa Liore Winters
Art: Bree, Skye 'silentscarlet' Smith, Taylor
Character DesignBree
Environmental Art: Skye 'silentscarlet' Smith
Writing & Production: Runa Liore Winters


HPS1 Render Pipeline - https://github.com/pastasfuture/com.hauntedpsx.render-pipelines.psx

Mansion Asset Pack - https://porkbellygames.itch.io/retro-mansion-assets

Feverdream Johnny's Impact Controller - https://github.com/FeverDevJohnny/impactcontroller


Become Dirt 32 MB

Install instructions

The download is a Unity Executable. Make sure you unzip the `.zip` download, and run the `.exe` to play!

Development log


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A hint of a teaser. Cool lo-fi world like being inside a 90s cartoon. I dig the cardboard cut out style character models. Would definitely be interested in seeing more, will keep an eye on.

After trying the teaser, this looks very promising!

nice short

love it thank you 

I really enjoyed the game's opening moments. However, the game ended up crashing just as I opened the basement door in my (brother)'s room. Is this how it should work, or is it a bug?

I tried again, and the same thing happened. I really hope it gets fixed. I'll keep trying because it could be related to my old Windows version. Anyway, thanks for the game.


Thank you!

The game is, at present, more of a teaser we created for a game jam and so it finishes up when you click on that hatch to the basement. Nothing is wrong with your game - that's all intentional. We hope to revisit this someday and build a lot more onto it but for now, thank you for enjoying what we have here!

Ah, I see! I should've read the "about" section.